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Reconstructive Procedures in Warren, Edison & Piscataway, NJ

Dr. Susan R. Carter is a board certified ophthalmologist and specialty trained oculofacial plastic surgeon. She specializes in aesthetic surgery of the eyelids, reconstructive procedures, and nonsurgical treatments such as Botox™ and fillers for facial rejuvenation. She uses her artistic sensibility to enhance and adapt each procedure specifically for each patient to provide him or her with the most natural result. Dr. Carter and her staff strive to make everyone feel comfortable, well informed, and well cared for at The Eye Center.

Ophthalmologists New Jersey


Upper lid blepharoplasty: When the excess skin of the upper lid interferes with vision, insurance will sometimes cover the cost of this procedure.


Ptosis repair: Drooping of the eyelid can interfere with vision—particularly driving and reading vision. Repair of the drooping lid can be performed from the natural lid crease incision or from behind the eyelid.

Eyelid malpositions – Entropion, Ectropion

Ectropion and Entropion Repair: Outward or inward turning of the lower eyelids can be surgically repaired with significant improvement in symptoms of eye irritation or tearing.

Eyelid reconstruction

Reconstruction following skin cancer removal Skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma can occur in the skin around the eyes and in the eyelids. Reconstruction after removal of the skin cancer is critical to achieving properly functioning and appearing eyelids, which can protect the eye and look natural.